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Communication Is The Transfer Of Emotion.” (Seth Godin)



Se comunicam connosco de forma a fazer-nos sentir bem ficamos mais propensos a comprar?

E compramos mais “facilmente” a quem nos faz sentir bem? (em detrimento de ofertas concorrentes)

“We did the direct selling approach for a number of years both in the US and internationally. The fact was the product itself was not that different than any other brand. We switched to a campaign that used an emotional approach. It got people engaged and led them to the brand. It was not an immediate sales spike but over time the brand image and likability increased and in the end it helped the brand increase sales.”

Comentário de Mark Scott, in “Consumer Insights” (grupo Linkedin): “Why human emotion is so important to making a brand more likable”, debatendo o vídeo acima.


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