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  • Recursos limitados, mas uma equipa que trabalha no duro, disciplinada, que nunca desiste
  • Nunca dizer nunca
  • Acreditar
  • A substância é mais importante que a forma
  • Harmonia

Tudo a ver com liderança e visão sistémica.


  • “And for Trapattoni, the charismatic leader, it was one, yet again, to remind everybody of his managerial genius. In 18 months and from limited resources Trapattoni has sculpted a team who are hard-working, disciplined and never-say-die.”
  • “Trapattoni was asked on Tuesday to name his own best quality. “Never say never“, he said, nodding his head slowly and sagely. When he accepted the job, first and foremost, he promised to make Ireland believe (…)
  • “for Trapattoni substance must come before style
  • “But it has been Trapattoni’s man-management and pragmatism that has prompted them to exceed the sum of the parts.”
  • “The Italian’s reign has been marked by the harmony within the squad.”


Tudo isto enquadrado por este momento, em que, sob a liderança de Trapattoni, a Irlanda ficara pelo caminho.

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